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Friday, November 18, 2011


Hi!!!! Happy Saturday! Welcome to Dandy's Blogaversary!
If you happened upon my blog please go back and start at
So we have some great projects to share! Hope you get inspired to craft like crazy! Dandy is trying to reach 200 followers! Please help her out and tell her CallyAnn sent ya!

Well I love doing 12x12 layouts! So I thought these would be perfect to share!

Thank you for stopping by! Tues the 23rd I am a Guest Designer at Her Craftiness and would love for you to visit! I will also have a help me get to 200 Follower Giveaway!
Here is the line up! Happy Hopping!

  1. Dandy from
  3. Cheryl from
  4. Becky from
  5. Nicole from
  6. CallyAnn from
  7. Ashley from
  8. Anne Marie from
  9. Debbie from
  10. Eva from
  11. Krista from
  12. Mary from
  13. Edwina from
  14. Liz from
  15. Deanna from
                                           Happy Scrapping!
PS- If you scroll down one post there are pics of my craft room!


Eva Laney

Fabulous layouts Callyann!!! Happy to be in this hop with you.

Eva :0)

Krista's Paper Cafe

Nice LOs. You seem to be a whiz! Are these for yourself?
Nice to host with you.

Cathie w

very nice project TFS you talent!!!


Audrey Frelx

Callyanne, your pages are just adorable!!!

Ashley Nicole

Really awesome LOs. They are all super cute. I def love the Incredibles LO. Nice being in the hop with you.
glamoroussideofscrapping at gmail dot com


What adorable layouts!! It's been fun "hopping" with you. :)


Hello Cally Ann, I have seen your name many times on different hops. I am now a follower of your blog. I love your layouts! They are so cute. I especially like the Mr. Potato Head layout. Thanks for sharing. Edwina Brown

Cre8tive Chaos

very cute layouts! thanks for joining me today!


such a cute layout.. brings back potato head memories... Happy Thanksgiving
:) lindaplusthree at yahoo dot com


very cute layouts!! good job!!

Walking on Water

Wonderful LOs love the Incredibles...that was my son's favorite movie when he was cute...and of course Mr. Potato Head is a :)


These are amazing! I love the one with the moose! I need to start doing paper layouts too! They look like they'd be a ton of fun =)



Awesome layouts...who couldn't love the potato head one...totally reminds me of my babies...tfs


those are great!


Great LO's! I am your latest stalker!
Miranda :)

This comment has been removed by the author.
Rhonda Emery

what adorable layouts I also wanted to wish you a happy thanksgiving


Hi Callyannc, OMG!! love your layout super CUTE. My son would totally love The Incredible layout. TFS


OMG!!!! i love this layout!!!! where did you find mr. potato head, my hubby loves him and humpty dumpty.


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